Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Controlshiftunblock.com

The visitors of this website shall read the terms and conditions page carefully as these describe the terms and conditions for using Controlshiftunblock.com as a source of entertainment. By visiting, viewing, retrieving or assessing any part of the website’s content/features/information available at Controlshiftunblock.com, you are bound and governed to the terms & conditions and privacy policy set up atControlshiftunblock.com. By continually assessing this website the user demonstrate that he/she is pledged by the conclusive acceptance towards the terms of services of the website.

The website http://controlshiftunblock.com is operated and owned by Controlshiftunblock.com.Controlshiftunblock.com is a website that offers free games as a source of entertainment for kids and teens. Read these terms & conditions carefully before assessing the website.

  • Minimum Acceptable Age

The website is made for users who are at least 16 years old or above. In case, you are not 16 years old yet then please leave the website immediately or just discontinue using it. If you continue to use the website, you certify that you are at least/above 13 years of age.

In case, it is found that the user registered with an account at Controlshiftunblock.com, is underage, his or her account shall be terminated without due notice. The account shall be reinstated only once the user turns 13 and his/her parents submit birthdate proof via Email or Contact Us page atControlshiftunblock.com,.

  • Amend/ Alter/ Change in TOS

The website owner has the rights to amend/alter/change the content time to time as per the sole discretion of Controlshiftunblock.com,. However, the amendments/alterations/changes in the TOS will be notified to the users of website via “Terms and Conditions” page or otherwise through email notifications within 10 – 14 business days.

  • Loss of Data

In any event or account, Controlshiftunblock.com, shall not be held liable for any damage such as loss of data.Controlshiftunblock.com, also warrants that any material or content may contains technical errors, glitches or bugs. The content is also not free of errors and typos.

  • Third Party Endorsement

The links, URLS or any re-directions of websites does not show the association ofControlshiftunblock.com, with any of the third party entities.Controlshiftunblock.com, has not reviewed all of the linked websites hence it cannot endorse or take liability for any website. The operations and services provided by the webmaster of Controlshiftunblock.com, does not imply that he owns or endorses any third party content, link, re-directions, services or advertisements.

  • System Protection

It is the responsibility of the user to protect his/her system from getting infected with malicious viruses, bugs and other destructive damages. In case of any damage to the user’s computerControlshiftunblock.com, shall not be held liable.

  • Privacy Protection of Accounts

By continue usingControlshiftunblock.com, the user of the website is solely responsible for any activities/acts/actions taken place under the credentials of the users. That is why it is highly recommended not to share the login details with anyone. The user should also not allow anyone to use the website under his/her account.

  • Deactivation/Termination of the Registered Account

Indecent, vulgar, obscene, sexually explicit, racial, cultural or ethically offensive attitude is not acceptable and may result in termination of account or in extreme cases may result in an IP ban.

Harassment, hateful, threatening, discriminatory, intimidating or abusive attitude may also result in account termination or IP ban without any further notice to the user. The account shall not be reinstated in case of breach of the terms and conditions governed by Controlshiftunblock.com .